Dienstag, 21. Juni 2016


hey everybody out there. thanx for your support. we just wanna let you know about whats happening right now.

Pre production for the new lp are done. we basically practise the songs now and we reached the stage of writing lyrics because finally the song writing process is pretty much over. we just gonna add some guitars and write lyrics.

after a 2 year break we will return on stage with fresh songs and a new concept for the live show. the new songs as well as the live shows will be different then the stuff we did before. clean vocals? maybe .

well, dont expect it to be, just another grindcore record. like it or not. we just do want anyways.

thanx guys. keep in touch.

we still have some merch though.

lots of merch. want some??? and records too.


Mittwoch, 7. Oktober 2015

just an idea for a new song....not very tight and some little mistakes ,but hopefully enough to keep everyone starving for a new who´s my saviour record.......next year guys.....!

Mittwoch, 12. November 2014

new song

hey people

we recorded a new song

just to keep you hungry for a new upcoming record in 2015. of course the song will be re-recorded

but check this out and give us some feedback via our facebook site..

check check check this out

Montag, 22. September 2014


27th of september @Gerberstraße 3, Weimar 

be there or be square 

im Rahmen der Aktion " Tansania - Laut Gegen Armut" gibts auch LAUT auf die Ohren:

- Kaapora / halle - grinding, d-beat driven deathmetal

-Who's My Saviour / rostock - grindcore

-Shock Troopers / mazedonien - crust/grind/hc

-Parasight / dänemark - hc-punk

-Zerynthia / weimar - kraut/spacerock


26th of Septemer @ G.I.G., Reilstraße 122 ,Halle
we gonny play with kaapora + caca de luna + shock troopers

it would be awesome not to play infront of two guys again ,and one guy is already drunk and asleep. come on halle . there must be people living in this town,